EvaWigs Customer Review on Slight Wave Full Lace Human Hair Wig-cew904

EvaWigs is one of the more popular lace wig shops, with a dedicated fan base. As a lace wig maker, I have a personal vendetta against most lace wig vendors that specialize with men’s toupee and hair systems – they are simply too thin for my liking. Now I understand that most men do not have thick luxurious hair like many women, but there’s something that irks me about purchasing a full lace wig from a vendor that specializes in men’s hair systems, and receiving something that requires me to ventilate another dozen grams of hair. Lace wig vendors that specialize in replacement systems for women, like EvaWigs, create wigs that are thick yet natural. Maybe when I am older, the thin systems from men’s hair replacement systems will be more suitable for me. But as a person that is in their 20s, woman’s hair replacements are the choice for me. But even that isn’t the perfect option – my only gripe with women’s lace wigs is that the lace is sometimes very thick, making it much more obvious when compared to a men’s hair system.

My EvaWigs Order

I chose to purchase a custom EvaWig because it had a lot of positive reviews on YouTube, as well as for the quick shipping times for a custom order. 18 business days for a custom order is absolutely amazing, and accurate as well. My custom wig was at my door within 17 business days. Take note that business days exclude the weekends.

The EvaWig order was made exactly to spec. The color was a beautiful medium brown color that wasn’t too dark or too light. I could literally see the combination of the #3 and the #7 hair colors. The #3 is a natural medium brown color while the #7 is a light blonde color. Together, the wig was a beautiful hue.

For the first time ever, I purchased a lace wig that was made with a medium brown lace. Typically I purchase light brown, but I’ve noticed that I’ve struggled with the lace in the hairline being slightly too pale for my skin, creating a line of demarcation between the edge of the lace and my forehead.

EvaWigs Review: The Hair Curl, Color, and Density

I’ve ordered a body wave EvaWig, and I got exactly that. The density is very thick but natural for me as a male wig maker and wig wearer. Another new thing for me is buying a lace wig that has a widow’s peak. I’ve been missing out. The widow’s peak has a natural dip to the hairline, making it look even more natural. I think I’ve struck gold with this one.

EvaWigs Review: The Lace

The lace of this EvaWig is ever so slightly thicker than my Hollywood lace, but it is still seamless and undetectable, even with a fully exposed hairline.

EvaWigs Review: Asked For Bleached Knots, And It Was Not

If you see my order, you will note that I’ve asked for bleach knots around the perimeter. However, this isn’t a big deal for me since I bleach my own knots anyways. They might’ve attempted to bleach the knots on this dark color or they might’ve forgotten altogether. It would’ve been convenient for the knots to be bleach from the get-go, but it isn’t a big deal. The knots are also nicely tied and very fine. But single knots and single strands are not used on the hairline.

Will I recommend EvaWigs? Yes, absolutely. The hair is beautiful, the lace is fine, and shipping is extraordinarily quick. They also send in pictures of the finished product before they ship it to you. Overall, EvaWigs gets a high score of 8 out of 10, and they would’ve gotten a higher score if craftsmanship was a bit more honed, especially when it comes to tying the knots around the hairline.

This review is originally posted here: http://www.diylacewigs.com/2016/06/evawigs-is-one-of-more-popular-lace-wig.html

Tips for Coloring Your EvaWigs Human Hair Wig or Extension

In this post, we’d like to offer you some tips about how to color EvaWigs human hair wigs and hair extensions.

1. The first thing we need to emphazie is that you can change light color to the darker ones while you CANNOT do the opposite!

2. But if you choose different light colors, the finsihed color may look different.

3. Therefore, to change the hair color, we highly recommend you choose the #613-platinum blonde color which is the brightest color we cann offer with virgin human hair. For how to dye the hair color, please check it here: Gorgeous Hair Colors Dye from Color #613.

4. You can also choose the natuarl black hair color, but before you change this color, you might need to bleach it. We highily recommend you ask one of your local salon’s hair stylists for help!

5. Lastly, as for the color #1- jet black, this is the darkest color we have. You CANNOT dye the jet black color to any other colors!

Gorgeous Hair Colors Dye from Color #613

A new hair color is always a great way to spice up your look. Although we are not switching our hair color as often as Kylie Jenner, heading to the hair salon every month or so can get pricey!

An easy way is to dye your color by color #613. Our beautiful YouTube guru @YoursNaturally11 shares her tips on successfully dyeing a #613 wig at home. Getting salon grade color and saving money!

1.Wig with color #613, you can custom a wig with a dark root.
2.Tools: one bowl, one brush, gloves, color, conditioner, comb
Wig details @YoursNaturally11 ordered:
Sku: ces117
Hair color: #2 T #613
Hair density: 130%
1. Mixed the color and conditioner in the bowl. Always do a strand test before doing your initial hair. If your hair is shoulder length or longer, you may need two boxes to cover the whole head, depending on wig thickness.
PS: It’s unnecessary to bleach #613 hair before dying.
2. Paint the color onto the hair. Take small sections to ensure each strand is coated with color.
3. Allow the hair to sit for an hour.
4. After one hour, wash the hair in cold water with shampoo & conditioner and style it.
Finished look!

There are also some beautiful hair colors dyed by our gorgeous partners themselves!

Our charming YouTube girl @xoPorcelainBeautyox dyed the #613 to royal purple.
Lovely @tiataylormakeup dyed the #613 to lilac.
And talented @msjazzy2classy dyed to a gorgeous green.
Ravishing @makeupbypetitesue dyed the #613 to royal blue.

Which will be your color?

Tips for Wearing a Glueless Full Lace Wig More Safely

When we wearing a glueless full lace wig, the most concerned thing is that how we wear it without glue but in a very safe way. Here in this article, our elegant YouTube lady @glamazini shared us a way to wear EvaWigs glueless full lace wigs in a safe way: leave out an inch of your own hair out along the perimeter, and then braid with your wig hair.
The wig she wearing in the pictures below is kinky straight SK021.

  1. Braid your hair, and leave about an inch along the perimeter, and flat icon the hair you leave out.
  2. Wear your wig, leave the hair along the perimeter out.
    evawigs kinky straight full lace wig in stock sk021
  3. Braid your hair out with the wig hair along the perimeter.

The finished look:

This wig is also styled in a similar way by YouTube girl Quiesha Jay, her finished look is as below:

The celebrity Gabrielle Union looked lovely wearing her hair in a similar half-up crown braid at the premiere of ‘Confirmation.’

How to Style Long & Big Wave Hair

Who can resist the attractive of long big wave hair? In order to create pretty big wave look we need to re-style the curls which is not difficult to achieve. Here are 4 simple steps into achieving the big wave.

1.Get some oil to humidity your hair.
2. Heat up a large-barrel curling iron, @prettypcollins set it around 400 degrees. (ps. the larger the barrel, the looser your waves will look. More details please read.: How to Choose the Right Curling Iron to Define Curls)
3.Separate your hair into sections evenly and wrap it around the curling iron one by one.
4.Finally, fluff the hair with fingers to give a natural wave.

For more details please watch @prettypcollins’ video below.

Hair information:
Product link: http://www.evawigs.com/all-wigs/555-big-wave-long-hair-2015-trending-style-full-lace-human-hair-wig.html
Hair color: #1B
Hair type: 100% Brazilian Virgin Hair
Length: 22 inches
Density: 130%
Baby hair: Yes, All around Perimeter
Bleached knots: Yes, Blleached On Full Cap
Lace color: Transparent
Cap construction: Cap-3B-Glue Less Full Lace Cap With Ear Tabs
Cap size: average

How to Choose the Right Curling Iron to Define Curls

There are so many kinds of types & sizes curling irons on the market and these curling irons vary according to the size of barrel’s diameter. Curling irons range from 10mm to 50mm, and each of these barrels produces different kinds of curl. The larger the barrel the looser the curls. It is important to select a suitable size to match the desired curls.

1. 10mm diameter
Girls with this size of the barrel can create tight curls like kinky curly, coiled locks look.

2. 15mm diameter
Go for a 15mm diameter barrel if you want naturally curly hair.

3. 20mm diameter
With 20mm diameter barrel you can style vintage curls.

4. 25mm diameter
The 25mm diameter barrel is suitable for kinds of length, it can give you uniform curls and soft waves.

5. 31mm diameter
Buy a 31mm barrel if you are a curling iron novice.
This barrel works for bob, medium length and layered curls.

6. 38mm diameter
Long beach wave can be styled by 38mm diameter barrel. It can gives loose, voluminous curls, if you want messy beach curls.

7. 50mm diameter
The largest one 50mm
Diameter barrel isn’t really designed to create curls, but to give rounded style to the ends of your hair.

EvaWigs Kinky Straight Wig U-part Apply and Style by Peakmill


Do you want to create a super natural hairline like Peakmill?
An U-part wig is as convenient as a wig which can quickly install. It also has natural look because it allows for a part of hair leave out at the crown. Great blending between hair texture and color is the key to make hair as natural as possible.

Let’s follow peakmill’s 5 steps to apply & style your u-part wig. :)
1.Choose an u-part wig with proper part width, please note the wider the parting the thicker hair will leave out.
2.Section an U-pattern area at crown to match the u-part width size.
3.Braid remaining hair is to make the hair lay flat.
4.Put your u-pattern hair out, secure the wig with combs inside.
5.Blend the hair with wig and use flat iron to style.
6.Use edge control to make the edge more natural.

Hair information:
Product Link:
sku: u018(u-part wig)
Hair Color: #1b
Hair Type: 100% Chinese Virgin hair
Hair Length: 20 Inch
Hair Texture: Kinky Straight
Hair Density: 150%
Lace Material: Swiss lace
Lace Color: Light Brown
Ventilation: Center Part
Part Width: 1*3.5
Cap Size: custom

For more details please watch Peakmill’s video below.

How to Custom an EvaWigs Human Hair Lace Front Wig

In this post, we would like to offer some tips for customizing your lace front wig from EvaWigs.

First of all, we would like to introduce our Lace Part Line option, which allows you to choose the hair parting length, from 3” – 6”.
As you know, a lace front wig only has lace in the front half of the wig, to allow the wearer to part the hair any way he or she wants, the larger space of the lace, the longer hair parting you can make.
Picture below shows the part you can customize:

lace front hair part line

Please NOTE that, all in stock lace front wigs are made with 3″ lace part line.

Some other options, like hair color, hair type, hair length, hair density, cap lace color and cap size, please read: http://blog.evawigs.com/how-to-order-a-custom-human-hair-full-lace-wig-on-evawigs/

If you still have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer service via service@evawigs.com.

How to Wash Your Wavy and Curly Hair Wig

Curly hair is more difficult to wash & maintain than straight hair. In order to keep your curly hair strong and shiny we need to take care of them start from washing.
Hope the eight steps are gonna help you.

1.Pick a shampoo which is suitable for your hair, foam the shampoo then washing it gently.
2.Rinse hair with warm water thoroughly.
3.Apply some daily conditioner to the hair evenly, massage for about 30 minutes. (PS. get a deep conditioner once a week.)
4.De-tangle your hair by parting it one thread and another. Please DONOT brush your hair.
5.Rinse the conditioner out of hair.
6.Lay-down, pat with towel to remove extra water, and then let it air dry.
7.Give your hair a great shake after your hair is totally dried, to restore the curls.
8.Apply some no-clean conditioner or oil, and style by your fingers, optionally use the matching curling iron to define your curls.

4 Steps from Kinky Straight to Gorgeous Deep Wavy by Hair Protecting Way

This no heating, hair protecting way to create a gorgeous deep wavy hairstyle is created by our talented Youtube Diva BeautyCutright, all her videos are very informative and helpful.
Now let’s follow her way to style your kinky straight hair.

1.Separate the hair. She separeted her hair into 4-5 sections for each side, if you have a heavier density hair, 1 or 2 more sections may needed to create the same curls.
2.Dampen the hair then apply setting lotion before braiding.
3.Braid your hair one section by another, and use perm rods roll the ends, cornrow back for textured roots.
4.Lay down air dry. BeautyCutright let her hair dry naturally for 3 days.

After totally dried, realease the braids one by one, and the bouncy curls have been done.

And in our diva BeautyCutright’s video, she also shared us some tips of how to wear your wig more naturally.
1.Sew in a elastic band to make your hair more fitable.
2.Apply some concealer which color is a little lighter than your skin color, to the parting area, to make the hairline look more natural.

More information, please watch her video here:

Her Hair Details:
SKU: sk021
Hair Color: #1 Jet Black
Hair Length: 26″
Hair Texture:Kinky Straight
Hair Density: 100% Medium
Cap Construction: cap 3B Glue Less Full Lace Cap With Ear Tabs