Bleached Knots, Silk Top or U-part?

Today’s Hair Tips Talk is about how to make your hair look more natural. Normally, we have three ways to make the wig part looks invisible: bleached knots, silk top and u-part.

Bleaching hair knots is a way to make the wig part invisibly by bleaching the color of knots similar to the lace. But for jet black color hair, because the color is too dark, so we do not bleach on full cap to avoid the hair shedding. Because the lighter color we bleach, the more fragile the knots will be.

That’s why we offer our customers silk top. Silk top is a part of lace (the same color with your cap lace) sewed in the forehead to cover the knots where you might part your wig.

U-part full lace wig is designed to make a natural looking part and hairline by leaving a portion of your own hair out. But it might be a little complicated to fix for beginners. Get to know more information here:

Thanks for Candance Hampton, she has made a great video for a curly u-part wig, visit here:


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