Fashion Hair Colors – Highlight, Mixed Color and Ombre Color

Highlight color
Highlights are a tone or two lighter than the hair color you choose to add on your hair. Many beauties love using the lighter color to dye on just a few strand to make a special feeling look.
evawigs highlight hair color

Mixed color
Mixed color is 2 or 3 color mixed together evenly. Usually, the mixed hair color tend to look more natural.
evawigs mixed hair color

Ombre hair color
Ombre hair refers to the gradual lightening of the hair strand, it can be 2 ore 3 colors.
Generally, it is darker at the roots through the mid shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid shaft to the ends.
evawigs ombre hair color

How to Apply and Style Kinky Curly Hair Wefts & Closure

Part1: How to Apply
Step1: Braid your own hair, then apply the wig cap.
Tips: Please leave 2 front braids out of the cap.
how to apply lace front wig made by 3 hair wefts with 1 hair closure step1 braid your hair

Step2: Apply & adjust the wig to your head, match the wig part to your own hair part.
how to apply lace front wig made by 3 hair wefts with 1 hair closure step2 adjust the wigs

Step3: Sew down the hair beside the closure.
Tip: Please do not sew down the front braid.
how to apply and style kinky curly hair wefts with hair closure

Step4: Release the front braid, show your own hairline to create a natural look.
(Brush your own hair with some styling gel using a toothbrush.)
how to style your wig hairline

At last, to make the hair part look more natural, you can optionally apply some foundation to cover the hair knots.
how to apply lace front wig made by 3 hair wefts with 1 hair closure step6

Part2: Styling curly hair tips.
A properly styling method can reduce your curly hair tangling and dry. Here, our diva shows us her styling routine about
how to maintain her curls and make her hair less fluffy, hope it’s useful for you.

Preparations: Curl defining creme; Argan oil; Hairspray.
how to style your kinky curly hair weft and hair closure

Condition your hair first, separate the section and twist out your hair.
(If you want to know how to condition your hair, please read this article)
how to prevent your curly hair dry & tangle

Take down one section at a time. Add some argan oil inside the hair, spray hairspray to keep protecting hair, then add creme to
define the curls. At last, twist your hair again. Just as the following pictures show:
how to prevent curly hair tangle and dry

Keep working on other section hair.

Then, use a blow dryer to help your hair dry quicker, loose the curls and release the braid to finish the look.
evawigs kinky curky hair wefts and hair closure

EvaWigs Hot Seller Kinky Straight Remy Human Hair Full Lace Wig SK021

As a fashion American African girl, you may want to buy so many different styles wigs in your life, but do you have “the one” you must
have? Now, we highly recommend you a wig which never received complaints from our customers, and which is loved so much by 
Youtube girls,
in stock kinky straight full lace remy human hair wig sk021.

Compares to silky and yaki hair, kinky texture looks and feels the most soft and fluffy, and very easy to style.
evawigs kinky straight full lace human hair custom wig sk021

① Natural parting.
evawigs kinky straight sk021 natural parting

② Easy to style.
This wig cannot come with wavy or curly styles, but you can create any waves or curls easily by flat iron or curling iron.
Beautiful curls.
evawigs kinky straight sk021 beautiful curls
Parting anywhere.
evawigs kinky straight sk021 parting anywhere

③ Natural, soft and fluffy.
evawigs kinky straight wig sk021 natural soft and fluffy

④ Quick delivery.
As an in stock item, we just need about 7 working days to be prepared before shipping.

⑤ Custom items also available if you need more options.
If you need more options about hair color, hair density, cap construction and so on, please check our custom kinky straight style wig stc1005.

Reviews from our customers:
evawigs kinky straight wig comments from customer
evawigs kinky straight wig comments from customer2
evawigs kinky straight wig comments from customer3

Reviews from our cooperated YouTube girls.

 evawigs kinky straight wavy style  
Very soft hair texture;
Super natural style;
Hold curls very well.
 evawigs kinky straight wig sk021  
The hair parting is very natural.
 evawigs kinky straight wig sk021  
Fabulous! !
“my favorite wig ever! ”
 evawigs kinky straight custom human hair full lace custom wig sk021  
Best wig ever!

How to Apply Clip in Hair Extensions

1. Make a part across the back of your head. This part is known as “track”.
make a part across the back of your head

2. Carefully attach the clip along the hairline, from one end to another.
attach the clip along the hairline

3. Release the hair, you held out of the hair and create a new track and repeat step 2.
release the hair and make a new track

4. Add in additional tracks as necessary to fill in the back of your hair.
add in additional tracks as necessary to fill in the back of your hair
At last, comb and blend well to make you hair look more natural.

How to Adjust & Sew in EvaWigs Full Lace with Stretch in Crown Cap Wig

The wearing tips are provided by @scee1206, and her cap size is a little larger for her, so she also showed us how she adjust
the lace cap to suit herself much better.
Cap construction of her wig:
evawigs full lace cap with stretch in crown
Full lace cap with stretch in crown.

Step 1: Adjust the lace cap
1). Turn cap inside out, securing the cap on the head mould with some pony pins.
evawigs turn cap inside out
2). At the ear part, create a notch on lace. It is the place where you will sew down to create a smaller cap;
Only make notches on each side of the cap by each ear. Do not sew down the crown area of the wig;
evawigs create a notch on lace to create a smaller cap

Step 2. Sew down
As EvaWigs Cap1A Full lace cap with stretch in crown will need be applied with glue, but @scee1206 showed us how she sew down her wig without using glue.
1).  Apply the wig, place the lace over your braid. Now, sew it down.
evawigs Apply the wig, place the lace over your braid. Now, sew it down
2). Working around the back hair again.
Tip: If the back cap is still bigger for you, just fold over then sew down to suit your head.
evawigs Working around the back hair again

After she fix her wigs stably, she created four different pretty looks: : charming curly, natural wavy, pretty side braid and classic straight.
evawigs charming curly, natural wavy, pretty side braid and classic straight

How to Put the Glueless Full Lace Wig in a Rihanna Inspired Ponytail

evawigs how to pue the lace wig in a Rihanna inspired ponytail

No matter where you turn, ponytails are always on trend.
Here, we recommend 6 simple steps to put the lace wig in a Rihanna inspired ponytail.
Before doing a ponytail, please make sure applying your wig well, read here to learn how to apply EvaWigs glue less full lace wigs.

Step1: Make a very side part;
evawigs make your part

Step2: Spray some water on the part side hair, optionally add some conditioner.
And you may need lay hair down, then, comb to make your hair looks really straight.
evawigs Spray some water on the part side hair, optionally add some conditioner

Step3: Take a little bit of gel, add to your hair; This step is aim to create a sleek appearance.
evawigs Take a little bit of gel, add to your hair

Step4: Take the hair to your ear back. Just as the the following pictures show.
evawigs Take the hair to your ear back

Step5: Gather hair at the nape of the neck, and put it in a ponytail.
evawigs Gather hair at the nape of the neck, and put it in a ponytail

Step6: To make the ponytail looks more natural, bring a little bit of your own hair out (just for the ear part hair);
Apply gel again if necessary.
evawigs To make the ponytail looks more natural, bring a little bit of your own hair out

You can watch complete video below.

2014-2015 Hairstyle Trend: Sleek Ponytails.
Celebrity looks: Kerry Washington, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce
evawigs celebrity inspired ponytail

Hairstyles suitable for a sleek ponytail, from left to right is sk016, ces102, bhs1102.
Hairstyles suitable for a sleek ponytail

What’s the Difference between Full Lace Wigs and Lace Front Wigs

lace front wig is exactly what it sounds like, it just use a sheer lace for the lace front portion of the wig which is made of stretch mess and some other materials. It may look like this inside:
evawigs lace front wig
Although all the lace front wigs has lace in the front ONLY, we can also customize the lace part line for you. The longest lace part line we can make is 6inches. You can also check out this blog to learn How to Custom an EvaWigs Human Hair Lace Front Wig.
They can provide the illusion of a natural looking hairline;
Much more cheaper price than the full lace wig.
A lace front wig is not with lace around the back, so you cannot wear it in a high ponytail with back;
A lace front wig cannot be parted anywhere, so, it’s not convenient if you would like a twist out.

full lace wig come with a base that is made entirely of lace. The lace material essentially covers the whole head,
even from front to the back and around the perimeter of the wig.
More versatile, they can be parted anywhere and styled in many different ways which is not quite so with front lace wigs;
A full lace wig is with lace all around available for being worn in a high ponytail, which give a more natural looks than lace front wig;
A good choice for getting the perfect twist out.
Everything comes at a cost, the full lace wigs tend to be slightly more expensive.

EvaWigs offers 100% human hair full lace wigs, and here lists the full lace cap constructions we can offer:
Cap1A: Full lace cap with stretch in crown (need glue);
Cap1B: Full lace cap with ear to ear stretch (need glue);
(Plus, we can add an adjustable strap in back to the two cap constructions.)
evawigs full lace cap cap1AB
Cap2: Full lace without stretch (need glue);
evawigs Full Lace Cap without Stretch cap2
Cap3A: Glueless full lace cap without ear tabs (Better for a high pony tail and the widow’s peak hairline, compared to Cap3B.);
evawigs Glueless Full Lace Cap without Ear Tabs cap3A
Cap3B: Glueless full lace cap with ear tabs.
evawigs Glueless Full Lace Cap with Ear Tabs 3B

How to Curl Your Wig Hair with Flatiron

Step1: Section off you hair;
section off your hair

Step2: Section off the part again, curl the hair beside your face first;
Twist flatiron backward and gently slide down, allow hair to slip through flatiron;
evawigs Twist flatiron backward and gently slide down, allow hair to slip through flatiron

Step3: Repeat this process and work around your head, but please curl going towards your face this time
(except the hair beside your face).
evawigs Repeat this process and work around your head

Step4: Run fingers through curls to break up curls;
evawigs run your fingers to loose the curls

Step5: Optionally add some sheer texture on your hair to get a shine effect and help style a pretty wavy bangs.
evawigs style a pretty wavy bangs

Before & After:
evawigs ske520 bob VS wavy style

Hair in this blog:
Sku:  Pretty BOB Short Yaki Straight Full Lace Human Hair Wig SKE520
Hair type:100% Indian Remy Hair
Hair length: 12-14 inches
Hair color: #1-Jet Black
Hair texture: Silky
Hair density:100%
Baby hair: No
Bleached knots: No
Lace color: Light brown
Cap construction: Cap3B.Gluless Full Lace Cap with Ear Tabs
Cap Size: Petite

Watch the complete video below:

How to Apply EvaWigs Glueless Full Lace Cap with Ear Tabs (Step by Step)

Step1: Flat twist your hair;
evawigs flat twist

Step2: Slowly and carefully cut the lace as close to the hairline as possible;
evawigs cut the lace as close to the hairline as possible

Step3: Apply the wig cap. Push the cap a little back and expose your own scalp, then take a soft bristle brush and comb the hair
twist up to show your parting.
evawigs Apply the wig cap. Push the cap a little back and expose your own scalp

Step4: Apply the wig, match the wig parting to your own parting. Securing the clips to the wig and your own hair, then make the strap
in back;
evawigs Securing the clips to the wig and your own hair, then make the strap in back;

Step5: Make your own parting;
evawigs make your own part

Step6: Apply two bobby pins on both side to make sure the unit doesn’t slide around or lift up;
evawigs Apply two bobby pins on both side to make sure the unit doesn't slide around or lift up;

Step7: Add some gel to flatten the front part, you can use a baby brush help;
Add some gel to flatten the front part, you can use a baby brush help;

Step8: Choose the foundation closed to your skin color, take a thin brush, apply it directly to your actual scalp and the lace, it is the most
critical part to make sure you blending the unit with your own hair and scalp well.
Then take your finger blended. At last, take your baby brush and comb it, make sure that it’s blended well again.
evawigs make sure you blending the unit with your own hair and scalp well

Step9: Style the hair with a flatiron to get a more sleek look.
evawigs Style the hair with a flatiron to get a more sleek look

What you will need for these steps:
A pair of scissors; A detangling comb; Gel; A soft bristle brush; A thin Make-up brush; A flatiron.

This Hair Information:
Sku: ces127 Beyonce Inspired Ombre Bob Full Lace Human Hair Wig
Hair Type:1 00% Indian Remy Hair
Hair Length: 14”
Top Color: #1B-off black
Bottom Color: #12- light golden brown
2 Color Percentage: 20% #1B & 80% #12
Hair Texture: Silky
Hair Density: 100%
Baby Hair: Around perimeter
Bleached knots: Yes, bleached on full cap
Lace Color: light brown
Cap construction: 3B: Glueless Full Lace Cap with Ear Tabs
Size: Average

You can directly watch this video below:

RPGshow, Uniwigs or EvaWigs?

Jouelzy is a professional YouTube product reviewer, and we are so happy that she most likes EvaWigs.

EvaWigs offers high quality human hair full lace wigs and various hair extensions, no synthetic hair products, no front lace wigs, and most of our human hair products can be customized.

Also, we always do our best to meet our customers’ needs. And our great good customer service has gotten high feedback, thanks for Jouelzy and everyone. We will definitely do better.

Jouelzy worked with DivasWigs, Uniwigs and RPGshow too, watch her video to learn more about her opinions:

EvaWigs new arrivals:
evawigs hair extensions new arrivals