Four Easy Steps To Detangle Your Kinky Curly Hair by vashtikk11

No matter hair wefts or full lace wigs will get matted and tangled if they are not treated correctly. It is necessary for us to detangle the hair, otherwise the hair will have to be cut.
Let’s do it follow vashtikk11’s four steps below.:

For straight hair, just spray 2 pumps in your hand and grab through your hair.

For kinky curly hair,
1. Spray detangling oil evenly on the hair and grab it just like massage a few minutes.
2. Finger to detangle the hair section by section.
3. Spray some moisture mist on the hair.
4. Finally, brush your hair gently.

For more details please watch her video.

What Will Happen After You Placing Your Order on

1.Features of EvaWigs Full Lace Wigs
— 100% hand-tied by experienced workers.
— Soft, breathable and stretchable lace for glueless full lace cap.
— Natural parting, and you can part it anywhere.

2.The Process of Making a High Quality Full Lace Wig
1) Make the full lace cap according to customers’ requests.
2) Collect plenty of raw material and sort out the kinds of hair. And the hair must have acid treatment in order to kill the bacteria.
3) Weigh and dye the hair. The density of the hair (we ourselves measure as the hair weight) is according to the requirement of our customer. Tie it well with band for spare.
4) After the lace cap and the hair are prepared, our professionals will hand-tie the hair evenly on the lace cap. This is the most time-consuming process, normally needs about 20 days.
5) Finalize the design for wavy or curly. Put the hair into a hot oven, adjust for proper temperature to finalize the design.
6) If the wig needs professional hairstyles, like bob cut styles, our professional hairdressers will style them before shipping.

3.Strictly Quality Control
Step1. Remove the float hair, and test the strength.
Step2. Measure the length, from top head to the hair ends. For curly and wavy hair, straighten to measure.
Step3. Weigh the hair to check the density.
Step4. Check cap constructions to make sure everything is alright.
Step5. Package well.
We always take pictures of our customers’ wig in a head mould, in all angles, before shipping. Please kindly check your email to reply us whether you’re satisfied with your hair in case there’s any changes.

How to Do a Quick Weave

To sew in extensions is a great choice to create a natural hair look. Since sew in a weave is a long process that should be done by an experienced stylist, so if you want a weave right away, the quicker option is to glue one by yourself and in just a few minutes’ time.

Our YouTube guru @MsJazzy2Classy shares her experience about ‘How to Do a Quick Weave’. Let’s start together! :)

1. Use a comb to part a rectangular section where on top of head which is going to be leaving out.
hww036 hair weft1

2. Taking sections, parting, and saturated all of hair with jel except the leave out hair.
hww036 hair weft2

3. Now that the hair is completely covered by jel, make sure that everything is nice in smooth and flat. Make sure everything is nice in smooth and the picture is what the back hair looks like.
hww036 hair weft3

4. Applying the strips to head which are basically going to stop the glue from sticking to your actual hair. Then kindly cut in measuring that you can really cover most of your hair.
hww036 hair weft4

5. The next step is to apply more jel to the strips onto your head.
hww036 hair weft5

6. Be sure when you wear the cap, to leave a little bit of your hair out to cover the cap tracks.
hww036 hair weft6

7. Again more jel to your black cap. It is better to sit under the dryer until hair is completely dry.
Then you can just cut away the excess cap.
hww036 hair weft7

Let’s do a quick weave now!

8. Just check the weft is the right length by measuring, using the blow-dry to help speed up the process of gluing stickily a little bit faster.
hww036 hair weft8

9. When you reach the top, optionally place the weft directly underneath the leave out to make the parting more flat and natural to lessen the flyaways.
hww036 hair weft9
hww036 hair weft9

10. Finally, blend your own hair to the weft.
hww036 hair weft10

Finished look!
hww036 hair weft10

Also, we can watch her video below for more details:

Her wefts details:
sku: hww036 Most Popular Curl Body Wave Silky Texture Virgin Human Hair Weave
Hair Color: natural black
Hair Type: 100% Indian Virgin Hair
Weft 1 Length: 20”
Weft 2 Length: 20”
Weft 3 Length: 20”
Weft 4 Length: 20”
Hair Texture:Silky (Non-Yaki)

How to Sew Down the Full Lace Wig

Many people love wearing the full lace wigs, but they don’t always fit perfectly. So to make your full lace wigs more secure,
sometimes, you may wanna sew it down. It is just according to personal taste, it’s also ok if you don’t do that.

Our YouTube guru @vashtikk11 personally prefer her wig sewn down.
Let’s have a look at what she does. :)

First, make some braids as the following pictures show:
① 2 braids which going front around the way to the back;
② And the rest of the braids, going straight back;
make braids (2)

Then, get the thread and needle, from the front part, sew the hair down on each side;
sew the front hair

1 inch back, sew the wig by going under the braids, grabbing to a little further lace, and going forward;
how to sew the full lace wig1 (2)

At last, start sew the back part to get your wig more secure.
sew the back hair (2)

Also, you could watch her video below for more details:

Her wig details:
Sku: cec0120 Solange Inspired Afro Big Hair 20 Inch Super Natural Full Lace Human Hair Wig
Hair Type: 100% Indian Remy Hair
Hair Length: 20 Inches
Hair Color: Natural Black
Hair Texture: Silky (Non Yaki)
Hair Density: 120%
Baby Hair Options: All around perimeter
Bleached Knots: Yes, bleached on full cap
Lace Color: Dark Brown
Cap Construction: Cap 1B
Hairline: Natural Hairline
Cap Size: Average

How to Make Waves By Flat Iron Your Braids

get looser, less-defined waves by flat-ironing braids.

① Make sure your hair is dry;
② A flat iron;
③ Anything to keep your hair in sections, such as elastics or clips;

First, separate your hair into some sections. The larger the braid, the larger the wave;
Next, braid!
Then take your flat iron and iron the braids one by one. It’s crucial that you start all the way at the top of the braid,
and hold in place for about 10 seconds;
For the end of the braid, use your flat iron to curl the bottom a bit so the waves flow naturally through the ends of your hair.
Finally, untie the braids. :)

Before & After
waves before and after

Quick Simple & Easy Way to Wash Your Full Lace Wig

Your wig may has a little smell as shipped a few days in a closed package box. So, when you received your wig, we highly
recommend you washing it before applying. :)

Here, we show you some simple tips of our YouTube guru @Dezi1016 does on her full lace wig, this method can prevents
hair matting and tangling. Hope it’s helpful for you.

Preparation: Shampoo, conditioner, hanger and a wide-tooth comb.

1. Filled your basin with some warm water, and be sure the water temperate is not high and not low neither;
2. Put some shampoo, then evenly mix it with the water;
3. Put the wig into the water, then wash the wig gently;
4. Squeeze and rinse the hair from the shampoo;
5. Prepare some new water, add a small amount of conditioner to it, rinse the hair, comb through, then rinse well.
6. Place the wig on a towel to pull out the extra water.
7. Let it dry.
You can use a hanger help, just like our diva does in this video.

1. For wavy hair, to hold the curls, we recommend the hair getting an air dry by laying down.
2. Instead of mixing the shampoo/conditioner to the water, you can directly add these hair products on your wig hair evenly.

Watch the video below for more details:

How to Cut the Extra Lace off Your Full Lace Wig

When you get your new wig, one thing you should do is to remove the lace. Here are some steps I think will help you.

Preparation: During this process, a scissor is needed.

Before cutting, please kindly ensure you have tried the wig and love it.
Because, we just accept the return & exchange for the wig which lace is not be cut. :)

1. Cut as close as possible to the hairline of the wig;
2. Take care not to cut yourself and the hair;
3. Take off your wig to cut the lace instead of putting on.

For different cap constructions, there’re different parts of lace need to be cut. We provide almost all kinds of full lace cap constructions,
the cap3b glue less full lace cap with ear tabs only has an extra lace in the front of the cap. More details about the lace cap
constructions, please check here:

After cutting the lace, your wig will be ready to wear.

How to Create 5 Different Curls at Home

Wanna have a change on your curls? Go to a salon for help will cost a lot of money, why not doing it on your own? Here, our YouTube guru @vashtikk11 showed us how to make 5 different & pretty curls at home: traditional curl, bantu knot, kinky curl, S-curl and tight spiral curl.
Follow her methods below, enjoy styling your curls at home!

What she used:
1. EvaWigs silky loose wave Chinese virgin hair extensions (3 hair wefts with 1 hair closure)
2. Wooden round dowels

Watch the details below:

1. (00:08) Traditional Curl: On a small section of hair, clamp the flat iron down, rotate it 360 degrees and rotate it slowly as you go down.
2. (00:42) Bantu Knot: Make a bantu knot in your hair and pass the flat iron over it for some wild curls.
3. (01:40) Kinky Curl: Get a round wooden dowel that is 3/16 inches in diameter, wrap your hair around it and then pass the flat iron over your hair.
4. (02:24) S- Curl: Tape two dowels together, pass your hair in between the two, wrap it around a dowel, back to the middle, around the other and keep alternating until the hair is wrapped. Pass the flat iron over it.
5. (03:39) Tight Spiral Curl: Grab the dowels that are taped together and wrap your hair around them. Pass the flat iron over your hair and you will get a curling wand effect.

Source from:

Kylie Jenner Inspired Teal Ombre Hair

EvaWigs Kylie Jenner ombre teal hair color
Kylie Jenner’s pretty and unique teal ombre hair completely leave the hair stylist much inspiration. Many YouTube divas also
tried to dyed their hair to that. Now, we are so excited to show you that our diva @prettypcollins has finished the hair color perfectly.

What you will need:
cream rinse (teal color), container, a plastic brush, a head mould.

The wig she used:
EvaWigs Beyonce inspired ombre full lace human hair wig with #613 platinum blonde color.
Tip: For #613 hair color, it’s unnecessary to bleach on the hair before dyeing.

evawigs human virgin hair full lace bob wig

evawigs kylie jenner inspired ombre teal hair color and makeup

@prettypcollins and Kylie Jenner
EvaWigs Kylie Jenner inspired teal hair color and makeup

It’s definitely an awesome work!
If you wanna know the specific processes, please watch the video below:

How to Cut Your Own Side Swept Bangs

A pair of professional scissor;
Make sure your hair is dry and brushed.

Step1: Brush Bangs to Opposite Side You Want Them to Fall
If you want your bangs to fall over your left eyes, please brushed them over your right eye.
evawigs how to cut bangs brush-bangs-to-opposite-side-you-want-them-to-fall

Step2: Hold Bangs on Opposite Side and Cut Hair below Fingers
Using your fingers, pull bangs to the opposite side you intend to wear them and cut in a straight, even line below where your
fingers are holding them.
For length, you can optionally cut to just below your cheek bones.
(Pulling and cutting the bangs on the opposite side results in the angle required for side swept bangs to properly ‘sweep’ across your face.)
evawigs how to cut bangs hold-bangs-on-opposite-side-and-cut-hair-below-fingers

Step3: Push Back to Side You Want to Wear Them
After cutting your bangs, sweep them back over to the side you intend to wear them.
You should now notice how the bangs are cut on an angle. The bangs near the center of your face are shorter and gradually become
longer as they reach the side of your face.
evawigs how to cut bangs push-back-to-side-you-want-to-wear-them

Step4: Cut Upwards into the Bangs
Since we cut the bangs in a straight line, they are a little too ‘perfect.’
Pull your bangs to the front and center of your face and cut upwards, into the bangs to break up the straightness of the line.
evawigs how to cut bangs cup-upwards-into-the-bangs

Step5: Examine Result of Cutting Upwards into the Bangs
Examine the result of cutting upwards, into the bangs. You should notice the line is not as straight and looks a little more ‘worn in.’

Step6: Round Brush and Style
Using a round brush and heat from a hair dryer, brush bangs to the side you want them to fall and hold handle of brush higher
(as pictured) to get them to ‘swoop’ across your face.
how to style bangs

Step7: Enjoy Your Bangs
Apply a little product or hairspray if you want, and get out there and flaunt your brand new, side swept bangs!