FAB BOB Haircuts

Do you have the dream of being a gorgeous star with a fabulous hairstyle? Then open your eyes right now for Evawigs has some typical collections of bob haircuts for you. Following are the four typical bob hairstyles. Just take a look first and we will offer you more details later.

bob haircuts

The classic statement of the sleek bob with a center part
medium bob with center part

Jessica White’s sleek black bob stands out with a perfect center part. To make one’s hair straight as this, a flat iron’s a must. Smooth on some shine serum and keep the front strands slightly longer than the back to match the oval face.

Link to Jessica White Inspired Bob Styled Straight Full Lace Human Hair Wig ces123


Short straight black bob with a cool side part

Rihanna side part bob


Rihanna leads the fashion trends by keeping her hair simply stylish with a sleek no-fuss bob. She modernized her look by giving her bangs a soft sweep and creating a cool blunt side part. With her face slightly hidden behind the cool side bangs, she throws off a bit temperament of mysteries.

Link to Rihanna Short Straight Custom Full Lace Human Hair Wig with Baby Hair cesh 106


Short ombre bob-like hairstyle for Summer
ombre center part bob

Classic and flexibly wearable, Ciara’s angular face is really modern with the short bob. To match her skin, she dyes her hair to blonde ombre. And combing it to a casual center part makes the hair could be worn either in formal party or at casual times.

Link to Ciara Flawless Short Straight Obmre Custom Full Lace Human Hair Wig cesh109


Straight ombre bob with a sleek side part for cool girls

Rihanna Sleek Bob


Sure, a flat iron is a must for such a sleek bob. And this bob highlights Beyonce’s face shape by falling just below her chin. A sleek wide side part makes her look cool and unapproachable. And the blonde ombre is a good match to her skin.

Here is the link to the Beyonce Inspired Ombre Bob Full Lace Human Hair Wig ces127

All in all, we have almost all styles of bobs you want. If you want to see more bobs, please visit Evawigs Bob Collection.

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