How to Place An Order on EvaWigs Step By Step

Well, some of our new customers just said that they had no idea about how to order a wig on our website. So here we’d like to post one blog showing how to place an order on EvaWigs. It’s actually very simple and just needs several steps. If you have any questions, please do feel free to contact By the way, EvaWigs Valentine’s Day Sale is going on and you can use the code LOVE2017 to get 15% off all the full lace wigs on EvaWigs. This code is valid before Mar 1st, 2017.

Once you visit for the first time, it may look like this:Overview Top Promotion Info on EvaWigs

As you may have noticed that at the very top of the website, we always write the latest promotion information where you can copy the new code directly.

Once you check out the menu, you’ll find eight different categories. They are “Home” where you can get back to the home page in a fast way, “New Arrivals” where you can get the latest hairstyles on EvaWigs, “Human Hair Wigs” where you have so many different options, like you can shop by cap, shop by length etc., “Custom” where you can customize all the human hair wigs including full lace wigs and lace front wigs, “In Stock” where your wig can be finished within 7 working days, “Celebrity Inspired Styles” where you’ll find some Celebrity’s style, like Kylie Jenner, Kim K. etc., “Weaves & Clip Ins” where you can get some hair extensions and hair weaves and “Sales & Clearance” where your wig can be shipped out immediately.

When you scroll down, you’ll see the Instagram posts and some recommended wigs and some latest comments of our customers. At the right bottom of the website, you’ll notice the online chatting tool where you can consult everything about the wig, the new hairstyle, the coupon code, the delivery or anything you want to know. However, due to the time difference, sometimes our customer service may be offline but we’ll get back to you immediately once we see your offline message.Online Chatting on EvaWigs

Once you find the wig you want, just dive right in. Or if you know the sku No., then you can also search this sku and get the wig you want. Let’s say you want the wig cew130, you’ll find the wig down below after you search this sku No. in the search box on the top of our website. Search SKU to Get the Wig You Want on EvaWigs

Once you get into the product page, you may be confused by so many different hair options if you are the first wig buyer. We’ll explain all the details on the product page one by one.

The first thing we want to emphasize is the price. Some visitors may consider the price is the final price while actually it’s not the fact. That price is the starting price and once you select all the hair details as you want, you’ll see the final price at the top of the “Add to Bag” button.Starting Price on EvaWigs

 You may notice something familiar and yes, that’s the promo info which we put on the top of the website and the middle of each product page at the same time, just below the starting price. In this way, we hope that you can get the code in a fast way. Like the latest promotion is EvaWigs Valentine’s Day Sale and you can use the code LOVE2017 to get 15% off all the full lace wigs on EvaWigs. This code is valid before Mar 1st, 2017.Promo Information on Each Product Page on EvaWigs

Something we must say is the next section on each product page on EvaWigs. We name them “Hot Key”. As you can see from the picture below, there are several red boxes. If you have no idea about our color chart, just click the “Hair Color” and as a result, a new window opens and you can see the exact colors we can make. Repeat this process if you want to learn more about all the hair specs.Hot Keys on Each Product Page on EvaWigs

Before you choose your own hair details, you may check out the exact real hair we’ve made or the beautiful pictures YouTube gurus or Instagram gurus have showed. You can also watch the video down below those reviewed pictures. And when you scroll down, you’ll find customer comments, FAQS etc.Real Pictures & Review Pictures & Video & FAQS

Then you need to choose all the hair details and if you leave some options as blank, then the website will not let you put the wig into your shopping cart. You may have noticed that there is one question mark at the right of each hair option. Guess what, it’s absolutely designed for those first wig buyers! Like if you have no idea about the hair type, then click the question mark at the right of “Hair Type” option, then you’ll redirected to one blog post about what’s the difference between Remy hair and virgin hair. How awesome it is! Repeat this same process and if you have any questions about the hair options, just click the question mark! That’s easy, right?Click the Question Mark at the Right of Each Hair Option If You Have No Idea About That Option on EvaWigs

After you’ve chosen all the hair details, please click the “Add to Bag” button and then you’ll get into the shopping cart page where you can review all the hair details and if you just made one mistake, go back and re-select the correct option. You can also apply the coupon code in this page. Here we just added one Pop-up box. If you have no idea about the coupon, then we highly recommend you click the text in red color, namely “* Please read this if you cannot apply the coupon“. Then you’ll see one pop-up box in which you can see all the details about the coupons, like which coupon is available for full lace wigs, what is the value, when the coupon will expire etc. Some customers have complained about the coupon usage difficulty in the past, but since we set this pop-up box, this problem has been solved well.Check Out the Hair Details & Apply the Coupon

Then you can click the “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button and you’ll be asked to fill in the delivery information. But if you have registered on our website and you can login to your account directly. As for the “DELIVERY METHOD” and “PAYMENT METHOD”, it’s been chosen already. You can also leave us a message about the shipping method if you’d like to make one change. And you’d better check the final price once again.Fill in Delivery Information & Check Out the Final Price Once Again

Almost done and when you get it here, the only thing you need to do is to click “PLACE YOUR ORDER” button and then you’ll be redirected to Paypal official page to finish the payment.

For more details, you can also check out this video: How to Place An Order on EvaWigs Step By Step.

If you have any questions during the shopping process on EvaWigs, please do feel free to contact service@evawigs. Our customer service will get back to you as fast as we can. Enjoy shopping at EvaWigs as always!

By the way, EvaWigs Valentine’s Day Sale is going on and you can use the code LOVE2017 to get 15% off all the full lace wigs on EvaWigs. This code is valid before Mar 1st, 2017.