How to Style Solange Knowles Inspired Curly Wig in 2 Ways By BeautyCutright

Solange Knowles inspired Afro curly wig is so hot these days! It seems that divas like this wig for its natural and unique feeling. Thanks to BeautyCutright for her creative inspirations to style the wig in two ways. Now let’s first appreciate her charming looks created by this wigs!
Solange Knowles Inspired Curly WigSolange Knowles wig Revew by BeautyCutrightSolange Knowles Inspired Afro Curly Wig review by BeautyCutrightSolange Knowles Inspired Afro Curly WigWhat BeautyCutright Wear:
Solange Knowles Cannes 2013 Short Afro Curly Custom Full Lace Human Hair Wig

Style Code: cesh107
Hair Length: 10 Inches
Hair Color: #1B
Hair texture: Silky
Hair Type: Virgin Hair
Lace Color: Medium Brown
Cap Size: Petite
Hair Density: Medium 100%
Cap Construction: Glueless Lace Cap

See some detailed infos on how to style this wig by BeautyCutright. To achieve the similar effect, take down the steps will benefits a lot and help you get the results you dream of.

Style 1:
1. BeautyCutright Installed an elastic band and two combs in back for better wearing.
2. Wear the wig and part it anywhere.
3. Do the hair with a comb and conditioner.
4. Start pulling with finger first, then use comb to lift hair from lace.
5. Cutting the stray hair if necessary.
6. Nude lips, exaggerate circle earrings and a pair of glasses are added to complete the style.

Style 2:
1. Tidy the hair with water and conditioner.
2. Twist out on the Afro curly hair wig.
3. Clip the the stray ends.
4. Then it is the take down time.
5. Finish the style with red lips to look more glamorous and sexy.

Check her review video:

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  1. I LOOOOOVE this hair !!!!!! Question I did a twist out now I want to covert back to fro is this possible or must I order another?
    Thank you in advance for yor reply.

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