Kylie Jenner Inspired Teal Ombre Hair

EvaWigs Kylie Jenner ombre teal hair color
Kylie Jenner’s pretty and unique teal ombre hair completely leave the hair stylist much inspiration. Many YouTube divas also
tried to dyed their hair to that. Now, we are so excited to show you that our diva @prettypcollins has finished the hair color perfectly.

What you will need:
cream rinse (teal color), container, a plastic brush, a head mould.

The wig she used:
EvaWigs Beyonce inspired ombre full lace human hair wig with #613 platinum blonde color.
Tip: For #613 hair color, it’s unnecessary to bleach on the hair before dyeing.

evawigs human virgin hair full lace bob wig

evawigs kylie jenner inspired ombre teal hair color and makeup

@prettypcollins and Kylie Jenner
EvaWigs Kylie Jenner inspired teal hair color and makeup

It’s definitely an awesome work!
If you wanna know the specific processes, please watch the video below: