New Hair | Best Lace Wig To Date!!! Eva Wigs BHC1090


Had you dared me a month ago to wear a full lace wig unit out of my house I would have instantly declined! That was until this unit, the wig that changed the game and now has me in debates with myself as to whether or not my bank account can handle the expense of another unit considering I’ll be making a trip to Bicester Village in less than two weeks time!

If you’ve followed the blog for some time you’ll know I’m no stranger to lace wigs. Having said that you’ll also know that I have an awful habit of snipping lace wigs and transforming them into U-Part wigs [here & here] because I just can’t look past the lace and how [in my opinion] fake it looks.
This unit on the other hand is the first unit I’ve worn out in its original state. Besides its overall top quality it was definitely the lace colour and quality that sold me, the closest a lace wig has ever come to blending so effortlessly and naturally with my scalp.

With the winter knocking on the door I must say the desire to put my hair away is stronger than ever. I’ll be looking into some serious ‘upcycling’ of my previously manipulated U-Part wigs, but that’s a post for another day. In the meantime here is the wig in action…

Anyone else going down the protective styling route this Winter?