Review of Evawigs Kinky Curly Brazilian Virgin Hair Bundle

evawigs kinky curly hair wig

“I’m going to start off by saying that this is the most natural looking hair I’ve ever wore.
This is Evawigs Brazilian Kinky curly hair in lengths 16, 18, 20 & a 14 inch closure,
the hair has been processed to a color #1 Jet Black which I absolutely love jet Black Curly Hair.
I had fun making this unit which I used a spandex dome cap and of course needle and thread to sew down the wefts.”

brazilian virgin hair bundles

“As you can see the hair is super defined which is cool and all however I love a bit of frizz so once I finished making my wig I separated the curls to add volume and give it a more effortless look. This hair acts & feels just like 4b 4c natural hair which is the texture of my own natural hair It makes me love it that much more! In humidity is frizzes but I don’t mind because it gives it more personality and a super natural look. The hair tangles a bit however if you have curly hair or you’re used to handling curly hair then you know that’s to be expected.”

evawigs black brazilian virgin hair weaves and closure

“The closure is super natural looking which by the way evawigs uses swiss lace and I choose mine in the color light brown although I should have chosen transparent because my natural scalp is really light. The closure dimension is 3″ x 4.5″ so you get plenty of parting space. To prep my closure all I did was tweeze out some of the hair to encourage a natural looking part that’ll match up with the width of my actual part which I decided to do a middle part for this look. I also add some LA girl pro Conceal HD High Definition Concealor in Cool Tan to blend the parting with my own part.”

evawigs brazilian virgin hair wig

“This hair is a show stopper for sure, I’ve received tons of compliments through social media and stops on the street by people asking what kind of hair is this or telling me how nice my hair looked. I could tell that the people didn’t want to ask “what kind of hair is that” by their body language or tone of voice because they didn’t want to assume that this wasn’t my real hair because that’s how natural it looks. If you’re interested in purchasing this hair, here’s the link: Mix Lengths Natural Black Kinky Curly 100% Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Weave With Hair Closure
Thanks for visiting my website and viewing this post.”

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What is Funmi Hair?

Funmi hair is made of superior quality virgin hair to achieve the bouncy and glossy result, all bundles were carefully chose from
the human donor to keep same direction, each piece undergoes strictly quality inspection of tangle free. That can be used for over
1 to 2 years with proper care.

Funmi hair is very flexible to satisfy various styles and looks, wave, straight, curly or layered. This is a 100% unadulterated human
hair, unique and top quality product, and it is very popular in UK & Nigeria.

Currently, our in stock funmi hair extensions are 100% Brazilian virgin hair, the length start from 8 inches to 20 inches, and hair
color in natural black / #1 / #1B / #2 / #3 / #4.

EvaWigs new arrivals funmi hair:
evawigs new arrivals  funmi hair

More styles will come soon. :)
evawigs funmi hair different curls

How to Sew Down the Full Lace Wig

Many people love wearing the full lace wigs, but they don’t always fit perfectly. So to make your full lace wigs more secure,
sometimes, you may wanna sew it down. It is just according to personal taste, it’s also ok if you don’t do that.

Our YouTube guru @vashtikk11 personally prefer her wig sewn down.
Let’s have a look at what she does. :)

First, make some braids as the following pictures show:
① 2 braids which going front around the way to the back;
② And the rest of the braids, going straight back;
make braids (2)

Then, get the thread and needle, from the front part, sew the hair down on each side;
sew the front hair

1 inch back, sew the wig by going under the braids, grabbing to a little further lace, and going forward;
how to sew the full lace wig1 (2)

At last, start sew the back part to get your wig more secure.
sew the back hair (2)

Also, you could watch her video below for more details:

Her wig details:
Sku: cec0120 Solange Inspired Afro Big Hair 20 Inch Super Natural Full Lace Human Hair Wig
Hair Type: 100% Indian Remy Hair
Hair Length: 20 Inches
Hair Color: Natural Black
Hair Texture: Silky (Non Yaki)
Hair Density: 120%
Baby Hair Options: All around perimeter
Bleached Knots: Yes, bleached on full cap
Lace Color: Dark Brown
Cap Construction: Cap 1B
Hairline: Natural Hairline
Cap Size: Average

Review of EvaWigs Hot Seller Long Wavy Ombre Color Full Lace Human Hair Wig cew130

evawigs ombre color long wavy hair wig

The cold weather has finally left us and therefore, I have decided to change up my look a bit.  Gone are the solid,
dark locks, only to be replaced with what I would like to call my transitional piece.  I’m looking to wear quite a light colour
for the summer, so this is a great starting point to ease me into such a change.

I decided to select my hair from Eva wigs. Eva Wigs is a website dedicated to high quality wigs and extensions,
ranging from your everyday looks to celebrity inspired styles.
What’s refreshing about the site, is that there are many wigs resembling natural hair textures.
This is great for those looking at protective styling, but still wish to wear a look which resembles their own natural hair texture.

celebrity inspired long wavy full lace wig

My Particular wig is 18 inches, silky texture, 150 in hair density (the fullest), has a natural hairline and is a glue less cap.

unboxing of evawigs

The wig itself was sent in this sturdy box, complete with a wide tooth comb, bobby pins and a user manual. Wide tooth combs
are essential for use on hair extensions so that they don’t pull and break hairs from the base.  The user manual is complete with pictures
documenting how to care for your hair extensions if you are not well versed.

The wig has two combs at the side and strap type adjustment at the back. To give my edges a rest from the combs at the side,
my hairdresser removed them and the wig was sewn down to my cornrows. This also means that I can now wear my hair anyway I want to;
up or down and with the help of the baby hairs, it conceals the lace underneath.

The wig is also a full lace, which means you can part the hair anyway you want to. Originally, the wig came with a middle parting,
but I think I sometimes suit a side parting more. I have been wearing this wig for a month without any problems.
There has been no tangles, hardly any shedding and it still looks like new.
As with anything, you do have to look after this hair as you would your own.
Therefore, I make sure I have deep conditioned it and used anti drying hair serums such as the one by Frizz Ease.
I have made a video documenting how to look after this particular wig and this can be found on my channel.

If you are looking for a wig which has a touch of colour and is suitable for both work and play, then check out this piece.

There is a  $35 off coupon code for my subscribers!  The code is:  WhatDawnDidInHeels4u


Her custom wig details:
sku: cew130
Hair type: 100% Brazilian Virgin Hair
Hair length: 18inch
Hair color: same as picture
Hair texture: Silky (Non-Yaki)
Hair density: 150%
Baby hair: all around perimeter
bleached knots: yes, along the perimeter
Lace color: medium brown
Hairline: natural hairline
Cap construction: cap-3a-glue less full lace cap without ear tabs
Cap size: Average

How to Make Waves By Flat Iron Your Braids

get looser, less-defined waves by flat-ironing braids.

① Make sure your hair is dry;
② A flat iron;
③ Anything to keep your hair in sections, such as elastics or clips;

First, separate your hair into some sections. The larger the braid, the larger the wave;
Next, braid!
Then take your flat iron and iron the braids one by one. It’s crucial that you start all the way at the top of the braid,
and hold in place for about 10 seconds;
For the end of the braid, use your flat iron to curl the bottom a bit so the waves flow naturally through the ends of your hair.
Finally, untie the braids. :)

Before & After
waves before and after

Review of EvaWigs Body Wavy Custom Full Lace Human Hair Wig bhc1093

evawigs body wavy wig

“I received some hair from EvaWigs, which is featured in my fashion video Red Alert which will be live on my youtube
channel and this blog, shortly.
This is a style I have wanted to try for the longest time- a side part with curly long hair and I’m really happy I’ve finally
got it!”

evawigs body wavy full lace wig
evawigs wavy full lace human hair wig
evawigs custom wig

“I did take some photos of the packaging and contents of the box but they seem to have gone missing but the hair came boxed with hair stockings and bobby pins.
The first thing I realised after trying it on, was that the medium density I had selected, was not enough (for me) so I had to add some wefts to the back to add fullness.
I also found the baby hairs to be a bit too long and slightly thick for me. I would probably opt for no baby hairs next time.
The good thing is you can get a wig tailored to your personal preferences. By simply clicking the drop down options, you can select your choice.
The hair came in a sort of body wave. For my Fashion Fix video, I used my Remington Pearl curling wand to acheive tighter curls. However, these curls did not last and dropped within hours to return to the soft waves.
There was no severe tangling, I didn’t have to worry about brushing it every second but there was slight tangling at the back on occasion.
The customer service is great! I corresponded a woman called Karen who was always courteous and very prompt to respond.

Pros: ①texture is nice and smooth
②The style and shape is well done
③Very good customer service

Cons: ①Does not hold tight curls
②Slight Tangling

I wear this hair very often and while I wouldn’t say that this is the finest quality Virgin hair I ever tried., the hair does have a very nice lustre.
I also like the fact that there is minimal lace at the front, so you can still see how the style suits you before committing to cut, and making it nonrefundable.”

evawigs goddness body wavy full lace human hair wig bhc1093

“If you take care of this wig, I’m sure you would end up with a wig that would last you.
I hope this post has been helpful! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.xx

There is a $35 discount for my subscribers & followers
Discount code: BisaNation4u”

Her wig details:
Sku: bhc1093
Hair color: natural black
Hair type: 100% Indian Virgin Hair
Hair length: 24inches
Hair texture: silky(non-yaki)
Hair density: 100% medium
Baby hair: all around perimeter
Bleached knots option: yes, bleached on full cap
Lace color: Medium Brown
Cap construction: cap-3B Glueless Full Lace Cap with Ear Tabs
Hairline: natural hairline
Cap size: Petite

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EvaWigs Kinky Curly Custom Wig bhc1003 – Customer Reviews & Care Suggestions

EvaWigs kinky curly wig bhc1003 is very popular among our customers. No matter in a shorter length or a longer length,
the curl looks very natural and pretty, and matches afro woman’s own hair perfectly. Easy to style, nice everyday look and
never out of fashion.

Reviews from our customers:
1. Remy: 22”, #1 jet black color, 100% hair density.
bhc1003-new hair at wedding

Remy’s care suggestions:

“I bought this wig to wear in my wedding because I had used Evawigs before and knew I could count on
a quality product. 8 MONTHS later, this hair is still going strong! I wear this hair about 5 days per week so
that’s not 8 months of sitting in a drawer either.
It looks incredibly natural on black women, especially after the first couple of washes.
I ordered 22 inches and 100% density so I could have some room to cut/shape for the big day. It turned out beautifully.
Of course, this hair tangles. Nothing you do will prevent that and trying to keep it completely tangle free
will pull all the hair out. But that is what make is look so great (I think). It looks and acts like kinky hair.
Also, this wig sheds A LOT. I mean every time I add conditioner or water and just gently massage it in with my hand I get strands.
EVERY TIME. That said, it still looks just as big and full and luscious as it did on day one.
I’m not sure how they managed that but it’s awesome.
Things I DON’T do with this hair:
1. Sleep it it-I take it off every night.
2. Sweat/swim-I don’t wear this to the pool/beach/gym.
3. Wash often-I wash this maybe every month and a half or so. I find that washing it just tangles it and makes it shed.
4. Detangle in 8 months, twice I took some time (2+hours) to slowly and patiently detangle this when it was starting to
look too much like dreadlocs. Otherwise, I just spritz with water and apply a curl cream every other day or so.
You can buy this hair with confidence even in the longer lengths.”

2. Uju: 14”, #1B off black color, 130% hair density.
evawigs kinky curly wig

Uju’s style suggestion:

“Just comb the curls out, and after 7 months it looks still beautiful.”

And more information for how to wash and style this wig, please read here.

Reviews from our YouTube gurus:
1. @EbonyCPrincess(YTB): 16”, #1B off black color, 100% hair density.
evawigs hot seller kinky curly full lace human hair wig
Watch her video here.

2. @BridezillaMartina(YTB): 20”, 1B off black color, 150% hair density.
evawigs kinky curly human hair full lace wig bhc1003
Watch her video here.

Quick Simple & Easy Way to Wash Your Full Lace Wig

Your wig may has a little smell as shipped a few days in a closed package box. So, when you received your wig, we highly
recommend you washing it before applying. :)

Here, we show you some simple tips of our YouTube guru @Dezi1016 does on her full lace wig, this method can prevents
hair matting and tangling. Hope it’s helpful for you.

Preparation: Shampoo, conditioner, hanger and a wide-tooth comb.

1. Filled your basin with some warm water, and be sure the water temperate is not high and not low neither;
2. Put some shampoo, then evenly mix it with the water;
3. Put the wig into the water, then wash the wig gently;
4. Squeeze and rinse the hair from the shampoo;
5. Prepare some new water, add a small amount of conditioner to it, rinse the hair, comb through, then rinse well.
6. Place the wig on a towel to pull out the extra water.
7. Let it dry.
You can use a hanger help, just like our diva does in this video.

1. For wavy hair, to hold the curls, we recommend the hair getting an air dry by laying down.
2. Instead of mixing the shampoo/conditioner to the water, you can directly add these hair products on your wig hair evenly.

Watch the video below for more details:

How to Cut the Extra Lace off Your Full Lace Wig

When you get your new wig, one thing you should do is to remove the lace. Here are some steps I think will help you.

Preparation: During this process, a scissor is needed.

Before cutting, please kindly ensure you have tried the wig and love it.
Because, we just accept the return & exchange for the wig which lace is not be cut. :)

1. Cut as close as possible to the hairline of the wig;
2. Take care not to cut yourself and the hair;
3. Take off your wig to cut the lace instead of putting on.

For different cap constructions, there’re different parts of lace need to be cut. We provide almost all kinds of full lace cap constructions,
the cap3b glue less full lace cap with ear tabs only has an extra lace in the front of the cap. More details about the lace cap
constructions, please check here:

After cutting the lace, your wig will be ready to wear.

How to Create 5 Different Curls at Home

Wanna have a change on your curls? Go to a salon for help will cost a lot of money, why not doing it on your own? Here, our YouTube guru @vashtikk11 showed us how to make 5 different & pretty curls at home: traditional curl, bantu knot, kinky curl, S-curl and tight spiral curl.
Follow her methods below, enjoy styling your curls at home!

What she used:
1. EvaWigs silky loose wave Chinese virgin hair extensions (3 hair wefts with 1 hair closure)
2. Wooden round dowels

Watch the details below:

1. (00:08) Traditional Curl: On a small section of hair, clamp the flat iron down, rotate it 360 degrees and rotate it slowly as you go down.
2. (00:42) Bantu Knot: Make a bantu knot in your hair and pass the flat iron over it for some wild curls.
3. (01:40) Kinky Curl: Get a round wooden dowel that is 3/16 inches in diameter, wrap your hair around it and then pass the flat iron over your hair.
4. (02:24) S- Curl: Tape two dowels together, pass your hair in between the two, wrap it around a dowel, back to the middle, around the other and keep alternating until the hair is wrapped. Pass the flat iron over it.
5. (03:39) Tight Spiral Curl: Grab the dowels that are taped together and wrap your hair around them. Pass the flat iron over your hair and you will get a curling wand effect.

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