Short Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

For women, sometimes trying a short hairstyle needs great courage because women with long beautiful hair are usually regarded as the traditional image of women. But does that mean we have to be the image that most women do? Clearly, women can be even more charming with short hairstyles that suit their face shapes. In this article, we can look at some celebrities in different face shapes and their short hairstyles.

1) Diamond Face Shape

The most excellent example of diamond face shape is Rihanna, who is called hair chameleon due to her colorful stage images. Rihanna goes for a black pixie crop with bangs which looks incisive and sexy. With heavy bangs covering her forehead, her face looks smaller and more perfect with subtle makeup. EvaWigs recommends that if you has diamond face, you could try on this hairstyle for a new and modern sassy look.Rihanna-short-hairstyles-for-diamond-faces2) Oval Face Shape

An oval face shape is considered to be the most balanced and versatile. The gorgeous Halle Berry is one star with oval face shape who clearly knows how to work her features – just wear this elfin short hairstyle with some snubby hair on the forehead. For people with oval face shape, they can have many choices on hairstyles.


3) Inverted Triangle

This kind of face shape is opposite of the triangle shape above and is also a more exaggerated version of the heart shape face.

Victoria Beck is one typical example with this face shape, who definitely has an eye for the latest hairstyle trend. On this picture, we can see her beach waves which were based on extensions created a very gorgeous kind of hairstyle. Besides, the light brown highlights created on a dark hair also represent her fashion style. With some messy hair contract with her neat makeup, she looks sexier.


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