Wearing A Wig Does Not Mean You Can Ignore Your Own Hair-care Routine

Failure to properly maintain the health of your own hair while wearing a wig could actually lead to hair loss or damage. Some tips on maintaining the health of your own hair while wearing a wig are listed below.

Do not ignore your own hair-care routine

  1. Choose full lace cap wigs that will let your own hair breathe. Avoid using cotton and nylon wig caps since they can hinder new hair growth and damage your hairline. Whenever possible use gel wig liners to protect your hair line and skin.
  2. Shampoo and condition your hair regularly. After washing and conditioning your hair, always remember to dry it completely before putting on a wig. Putting a wig on over wet or damp hair creates a breeding ground for germs and fungus.
  3. Have your hair professionally trimmed on a regular basis. Trimming your hair will remove split ends and damaged hair follicles, which will help keep your hair healthy. In addition to keeping your hair healthy by removing damaged hair, trimming on a regular basis also will lead to faster hair growth.
  4. Wrap long hair around your head under the wig or braid it. Avoid bunching your hair up under a wig or cap. Having your hair balled or folded under a wig could cause severe breakage. Keeping your hair braided or wrapped up neatly will help keep your hair healthy and, as an added bonus, will keep your wig even and in place.

How To Fix A Frizzy Human Hair Wig

fix a frizzy human hair wigWhy ladies love to choose a human hair wig? Because it is human hair, looks like their own hair. They can style the wig the same as she would her own hair, including using the same products which strip the hair of its natural oils causing damage and frizziness. Unlike hair growing from your scalp, human hair wigs cannot naturally replenish lost moisture due to over-styling. Over-drying of the hair leads to frizzy wigs. Curly or wavy wigs are particularly prone to frizziness. Next are some steps to prevent frizzy wigs.



>>>Pin the wig to your wig head-form.

>>>Spray the wig with water and wet it thoroughly.

>>>Apply a deep conditioner and allow it set for at least five minutes. Some manufacturer’s may recommend a longer period for damaged hair.

>>>Rinse the wig thoroughly with cold water to seal the hair cuticles.

>>>Allow the wig to air dry. Do not comb the hair while it is wet.

>>>Spray the hair with a detangler and carefully comb the wig using a wide-toothed comb. Work from the ends toward the scalp to remove any tangles.


>>>Wash the wig once or twice a week, according to the time you wearing. Shampoos strip the hair of its natural oils causing damage and frizziness.

>>>Switch to alcohol-free hair products that contain natural oils. The natural oils will protect the hair from over drying.

>>>Apply an anti-frizz hair cream or serum after each washing. A dime-size amount of these products is sufficient for controlling frizzy shoulder length hair and protects the wig from the effects of humidity. Less is more with this type of product. Excessive amounts causes hair to appear greasy and limp.

>>>Stop using heat to style the wig. Curling irons, hot rollers and hair dryers burn the hair and cause frizziness.

>>>Take the wig to your hair stylist for a trim. Human hair wigs, especially those that are washed frequently and heat styled, suffer from split ends. Plus, cutting the wig gives you a new look with out the expense of a new wig.

How Tos on fixing damaged wig

How to Fix Damaged Lace Wig-Hair Loss and Lace Damaged

How to Fix A Lace Wig-Cap Size is Too Big

How to Fix A Lace Wig-Cap Size Is Too Big

If you buy a wig without trying it on or used a wig too long time, two problems may bother you, too big or baggy. How to FIT the wig?

how to fix a lace wig

  • >>>Flip the wig inside out on a clean work surface so you can see the lace lining. The inside the lace lining has many columns of small fibers divided by five large vertical seams or webbing.
  • >>>Gather up to three columns of small fibers near the center-most vertical seam. Determine the number of columns to gather based on the bagginess of the wig. Sew the fibers together along the entire length of the center-most seam.
  • >>>Repeat Step 2 with the fibers surrounding the seams to the left and right of the center seam so you sew on three of the wig’s five seams.
  • >>>Try on the wig and repeat Steps 1-3 if the wig is still too big. If the wig is too small, take out some of your stitching to free some of the fibers. Trim away excess thread so the wig has a neat appearance.

(source from evawigs.com)

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How To Fix A Frizzy Human Hair Wig

Application And Advantage of Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip ins are an easy way to achieve temporary length, style or color without spending a fortune at the salon. Evawigs help divas to extend your beauty→http://www.evawigs.com/29-hair-extensions

Why clip ins? We explore it via the below picture↓↓↓

Why use clip-ons
How to apply clip in hair extensions?

how to apply clip in hair extensions

Take steps and show your beauty, girls!

How to Master Rihanna’s Perfect Curly Hairstyle

Many dolls like Rihanna’s red curly hairstyle in our Facebook page. How to style it? Here we go!

10 simple steps to master Rihanna’s Perfect curls

Master Rihanna's curls in 10 simple steps

  1. Starting with slightly damp hair, apply a styling cream from roots to tips.
  2. Section off the top of your hair, then divide the section closest to your neck into three small sections.
  3. Using a wide tooth comb, gently brush through the section and begin twisting it.
  4. Twist the section until it begins coiling back on itself.
  5. Wrap the twist around and secure with a bobby pin.
  6. Allow the twists to stay in overnight.
  7. In the morning, remove bobby pins and gently shake out twists.
  8. Fluff hair as desired.
  9. If some areas are not curled, use a 1-inch curling iron to touch up.
  10. Set your gorgeous Rihanna curls with your favorite hairspray.

EvaWigs March Love-CEC117—Inspired by Hot Long Curly Hairstyle

Dressing up for a fun night out with friends or just upgrade your look, Curly hairstyle is absolutely right. EvaWigs Launched CEC117-HOT LONG CURLY in March.

March Love CEC117

Soft-100% Indian Remy Human Hair
Curly-Natural look, classical forever
Fluffy-Style it, Puff it

More long curly wigs with center part are recommended here.

long curly wigs with center part

1. Kelly Rowland Sexy Kinky Curly Hairstyle, More details here>>

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3. Beyonce Long Curly Hairstyle, More details here>>

Review by shopaholic825 for Rihanna Inspired Silky Straight Wig

From crops to lengthy locks, fiery red to blonde, pop sensation Rihanna continues to reinvent her look with her frequently changing hairstyles. Her unique and passionate look by red color and a center part is captivating. Now let’s have a look at the straight full lace wig inspired by Rihanna.

Rihanna Silky Straight Custom Full Lace Human Hair WigYoutube diva shopaholic825 love this sleek and sophisticated wig , see how she show her super charming in this wig.

shopaholic825 in Rihanna stright wigshopaholic825 In Rihanna Inspired Straight Wigshopaholic825 ReviewWig She Wear: Rihanna Silky Straight Custom Full Lace Human Hair Wig

Style Code: ces104
Hair Length: 20 Inches
Hair Color: Same as Celebrity
Hair Texture: Silky
Lace Color: Medium Brown
Cap Size : Petite
Cap Construction: Ear to Ear Stretch

Review by tonidaley80 for Solange Knowles New Voluminious Curly Wig

Sexy diva tonidaley80 go Solange Knowles’ wig again and thanks for your precious review. This Solange Knowles inspired big hair are well-made and natural that nobody would notice the difference between your hair to the wig. Wish this excellent wig help make everyday day a great hair day for divas around!

Now let’s have a look at the curly full lace wig inspired by Solange Knowles:

curly full lace wig inspired by Solange KnowlesSee how divas- tonidaley80 show her super charming in this big hair:

tonidaley80 in Solange Knowles Curly Wig What tonidaley80 wear:
Solange Knowles New 2013 Voluminous Curly Custom Full Lace Human Hair Wig

Style Code: cec104
Hair Length: 18 Inches
Hair Material: 100% Indian Virgin Human
Hair Color: 1
Hair Texture: Silky
Hair Density: 150%
Lace Color: Medium Brown
Cap Size: Average
Cap Construction: Glueless

Review in YouTube:

How to Style Solange Knowles Inspired Curly Wig in 2 Ways By BeautyCutright

Solange Knowles inspired Afro curly wig is so hot these days! It seems that divas like this wig for its natural and unique feeling. Thanks to BeautyCutright for her creative inspirations to style the wig in two ways. Now let’s first appreciate her charming looks created by this wigs!
Solange Knowles Inspired Curly WigSolange Knowles wig Revew by BeautyCutrightSolange Knowles Inspired Afro Curly Wig review by BeautyCutrightSolange Knowles Inspired Afro Curly WigWhat BeautyCutright Wear:
Solange Knowles Cannes 2013 Short Afro Curly Custom Full Lace Human Hair Wig

Style Code: cesh107
Hair Length: 10 Inches
Hair Color: #1B
Hair texture: Silky
Hair Type: Virgin Hair
Lace Color: Medium Brown
Cap Size: Petite
Hair Density: Medium 100%
Cap Construction: Glueless Lace Cap

See some detailed infos on how to style this wig by BeautyCutright. To achieve the similar effect, take down the steps will benefits a lot and help you get the results you dream of.

Style 1:
1. BeautyCutright Installed an elastic band and two combs in back for better wearing.
2. Wear the wig and part it anywhere.
3. Do the hair with a comb and conditioner.
4. Start pulling with finger first, then use comb to lift hair from lace.
5. Cutting the stray hair if necessary.
6. Nude lips, exaggerate circle earrings and a pair of glasses are added to complete the style.

Style 2:
1. Tidy the hair with water and conditioner.
2. Twist out on the Afro curly hair wig.
3. Clip the the stray ends.
4. Then it is the take down time.
5. Finish the style with red lips to look more glamorous and sexy.

Check her review video:

Hair Talk About Afro Curl- Short Afro Curly Full Lace Human Hair Wig from EvaWigs

Solange Knowles inspired short Afro curly wig is favored by divas for its fashion statement and high texture. EvaWigs recommend this curly wig with various reasons and bring fashion inspirations to style the short Afro curly wig.

Style Code: cesh107
This super natural afro curly wig inspired by Solange Knowles for her Cannes 2013 red-carpet look makes you divas remarkable day and night!

Solange-Knowles-Cannes-2013-Short-Afro-Curly-Custom-Full-Lace-Human-Hair-WigHighly Recommended by YouTube Guru-tonidaley80

tonidaley80 in Solange Knowles wigWhy She Love Mimic Afro Texture Hair:
1) Protective Styling
To protect the natural twists which are moisturized and beneath, an afro curly wig is the best for wearing all the time.
2) Ease
Divas would have to wash, condition, blow-dry (about 3 – 4 hour process) to achieve this same natural look, but after styling the afro curly wig once, only takes 5 minutes each day.
3) No Damage for Your Own Hair
You can dye the afro wig for a different look and no any damage to your own hair.
4) Natural
It’s a great wig for divas who have locks to get a natural afro style.

Fashion Inspirations for an Afro Curly Wig:
1) Chic Street Style
Afro Curly Wig+Grey Tee+Yellow Skirt+Leopard Print Coat +Pink Clutch

Fashion Inspirations for an Afro Curly Wige Human Hair2) Sexy Nightclub Style
Red Anti Wear Underwear+White Fur Coat +Silver Skirt +Printed Heels

Fashion Inspirations for an Afro Curly Wig3) Comfortable Jeans
Jean Skirt & Trousers in Lighter and Darker Hues + Bright Scarves


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