The Correct Way to Cut the Fringe Bangs at Home from a No Bangs Style

If you would like to change your hair look to a full blunt bangs, here’s the correct way of how to cut the bangs.
A rat tail comb, a pair of hair scissors.
1. Section off the hair.
The first step and which is the most important step, is to section off the hair that will be your bangs. So the question is how to section off? Few inches back parallel to the hairline? Definitely no! The pictures show below are the two ways we often use, and the correct way is to section off a V area hair by your rat tail comb.
wrong way to part your bangs hairline
the correct way to cut the bangs
If you want your bangs full and thick, comb out more hair, instead, comb less hair.
thick bangs or thinner bangs
2. Comb out the section evenly in front of your face, and put the rest of the hair into a ponytail. That will help you to avoid to cut the unintended hair.
3. Cut the hair.
Normally the bangs’ length is below your eyebrows and above your eyes. Cut from one side to another side slowly by an inch and another inch. Here I cut a thick fringe bangs as below.
think fringe bangs
Finished look: