3 Easy Ways to Tame Human Hair Wigs Flyaways

The flyaways hair sometimes disturbs us, now we will show you the directions about how to part your hair neatly,and lessen the flyaways. However, we cannot make the flyaways change to zero, but it might be helpful for you. And small amount of flyaways will make your wig look more natural.

Methods 1: Taming those short hairs with Hair Flyaway Tamer, it could easily smooth flyaway hairs.

Methods 2: Part the hair well and wet the hairline use hairspray, then use a curling iron on the line of your sidepart to press repeatedly, which aim to tame flyaways and make the wigs look more neat. Please make sure theiron temprature is not too high to avoid damaging your hair.About this way, we have written an article before to specify the steps.

Methods 3: Part your wig, and put lotion evenly around your parting and optionally use a towel to condition it for a few minute to get a better effect, by this way we also could tame the unruly hair.