Tips for Coloring Your EvaWigs Human Hair Wig or Extension

In this post, we’d like to offer you some tips about how to color EvaWigs human hair wigs and hair extensions.

1. The first thing we need to emphazie is that you can change light color to the darker ones while you CANNOT do the opposite!

2. But if you choose different light colors, the finsihed color may look different.

3. Therefore, to change the hair color, we highly recommend you choose the #613-platinum blonde color which is the brightest color we cann offer with virgin human hair. For how to dye the hair color, please check it here: Gorgeous Hair Colors Dye from Color #613.

4. You can also choose the natuarl black hair color, but before you change this color, you might need to bleach it. We highily recommend you ask one of your local salon’s hair stylists for help!

5. Lastly, as for the color #1- jet black, this is the darkest color we have. You CANNOT dye the jet black color to any other colors!